Join Us! cultivate 50,000 entrepreneurs to build the next multi-billion-dollar businesses

EDUSTART REACH: Becoming a High-Growth Entrepreneur


The Edustart REACH Project

We’re cultivating 50,000 entrepreneurs to make the next multi-billion-dollar businesses to create opportunities & prosperity. The project commences delivery with Entrepreneurship Education, especially for youths & those in Tertiary & Secondary schools. We have created the first main resource material (book) to provide the content base. Delivering the project demands that we also…
• create contents & provide infrastructure for shared uses,
• build the online and offline infrastructures for the entrepreneurial education & mentorship program,
• support the digital skills entrepreneurship program,
• revolutionize & support entrepreneurship education in Tertiary and Secondary schools to produce entrepreneurs & entrepreneurially-minded students, as well as
• accelerate & support venture creation.
We ask you to support and partner with us to make these happen. We’ll recognize all our partners and supporters as well as make e-book copies available to them.
Thank you so much.

The Next Billion

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